Replicatch brand protection software recaptures the buy box from unlicensed sellers

Maximize eCommerce sales daily. Responsible online IP enforcement takes down fakes, knockoffs, counterfeits and infringers for good.

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Accurately detect fakes and request valid takedowns from global eCommerce marketplaces, social media, search engines & websites

Cost-effectively remove online IP infringers & counterfeiters and get more authentic products to your customers

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Focus on selling! Let Replicatch AI handle continuous online enforcement

Web crawlers scrape global online platforms daily for trademark, copyright, patent & design infringement; by image, term, seller or price

Artificial intelligence extracts, recognizes and learns to prioritize suspect counterfeit listings for investigation & takedown

Smart forms assemble and deliver takedown notices that allege infringement based on evidence and your IP rights

Progress reports generate analytic stories to share successes with other colleagues

Evidence capture includes timestamped listings and test purchasing to obtain physical evidence

Collaboration features make Replicatch easy to use by us, you or your legal counsel

Benefits of Replicatch software & services

Systematically detect, report & takedown online IP infringement

Daily IP Enforcement

Continuously flag and prioritize IP infringement in images and text online, assemble allegations in takedown notices and efficiently track results

Collect Evidence of Use (EOU)

Automatically capture IP EOU with timestamped, linked website screenshots; order test purchases in any currency to any location, with photo & financial documentation

Quickly Act on Fakes

Identify counterfeits and infringement by a range of issues: unauthorized sellers; listings below minimum advertised price; false promises; fake ASIN or other product identifiers.

Easily Chart Progress

Generate progress reports by seller, brand, marketplace and other metrics to calculate the cost of counterfeits and quantify the ROI from stopping their impact on revenues and ad bids

Without daily monitoring, online IP infringement can truly hurt your sales & brand

Get brand protection software to continuously eliminate losses to counterfeits & knockoffs


Take down copyright infringement

Software spots exact images and copies; experts also spot partial images or derivative images in media, on products or within scenes

Take down copyright infringement
Erase trademark infringement

Erase trademark infringement

Software captures duplicate trademarks and very close matches; experts also spot marks on packages & confusingly similar marks


Banish design patent infringement

Software suggests close patent-product matches; experts align claims and images; validate infringement; and assemble evidence for takedowns

Banish design patent infringement

Why sue if you can't collect?

Preserve your capital and leverage your intellectual property for daily brand protection & licensing, not expensive litigation events

  • 450K+ Min. Cost per Copyright Litigation

  • 500K+ Min. Cost per Trademark Litigation

  • 780K+ Min. Cost per Patent Litigation

Replicatch brand protection software & services pricing

Includes our expert collaboration to get the most from continuously enforcing your IP


Any 1 marketplace or social site
$ FREE 30 days
  • 1 search term in English or Mandarin
  • 1 expert tutorial session
  • Filter & review trademark infringements
  • Make takedown requests from the software
  • Create takedown reports


Any 3 marketplaces or social sites
$ 799 per month
  • 30 search terms in preferred languages
  • 2 expert tutorial sessions
  • Filter & review trademark or copyright infringements
  • You or we send approved takedowns (100)
  • Takedown reporting & analytics


All marketplaces, social, search, domains
  • Unlimited search terms and languages
  • Unlimited expert tutorial sessions
  • Infringed trademarks, copyrights, designs, patents
  • You or we send approved takedowns (unlimited)
  • Takedown & seller analytics