Beat online infringement and get back to genuine business with Replicatch

Our online infringement monitoring software & expertise delivers immediate brand protection results. Accurately find, takedown and report out evidence of counterfeits on sites from Amazon to Zappos, with no language barriers.

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Online IP infringement is cannibalizing your sales and hurting your brand

Get brand protection software & IP strategy expertise to identify and remove counterfeits & knockoffs


Take down copyright infringement

Software spots exact images and copies; experts also spot partial images or derivative images in media, on products or within scenes

Take down copyright infringement
Erase trademark infringement

Erase trademark infringement

Software captures duplicate trademarks and very close matches; experts also spot marks on packages & confusingly similar marks


Banish design patent infringement

Software suggests close patent-product matches; experts align claims and images; validate infringement; and assemble evidence for takedowns

Banish design patent infringement

Why litigate if you can't collect?

Attorneys, owners and creators, better utilize your IP & legal capital for online brand protection

  • 450K+ Min. Cost per Copyright Litigation

  • 500K+ Min. Cost per Trademark Litigation

  • 780K+ Min. Cost per Patent Litigation

Even with just a little at risk from an online infringer (US $0-$10 million), litigation is prohibitively expensive.

Cost-effectively win more online infringement claims and free up more online revenue with Replicatch takedown software.

Replicatch is cloud-based brand protection software anyone can use to continuously takedown online infringement & counterfeits

Manage visual infringement search strategies by image, term, seller & price

Improve ongoing design detection strategies with artificial intelligence

Automatically capture timestamped visual evidence

Send and manage persuasive website takedown notices

Generate analytic reports and export investigation data

Request payment takedowns & withdrawals

Manage takedowns for top marketplaces, social media, search engines & sites

Pinpoint infringement, counterfeiting & problem pricing incidents to accelerate response from global players

Key features of the Replicatch software

Everything needed to detect, report & takedown online infringement

Visual IP Enforcement

Spot image & text infringement online (designs, patents, trademarks & copyrights), manage takedown notices and efficiently track results

Report Generation

Generate reports to provide management updates, enable trends analysis and download data for your other applications

Evidence Collection

Automatic capture of timestamped website screenshots, with embedded dates and links

Payment Takedowns

Generate and send withdrawal of payment facilities requests to Visa, MasterCard and PayPal

Replicatch online infringement software & takedown pricing

Pricing includes our expert collaboration with your legal counsel, no hidden charges


Any 1 marketplace, social, search, domain
$ FREE 30 days
  • 1 search term in English or Mandarin
  • 2 training & tutorial sessions
  • Filter & review trademark infringements
  • Make takedown requests from the software
  • Create takedown reports


Any 3 marketplaces, social, search, domains
$ 799 per month
  • 30 search terms in preferred languages
  • 4 training & tutorial sessions
  • Filter & review trademark or copyright infringements
  • You or we send approved takedowns (150/mo.)
  • Takedown reporting & analytics


All marketplaces, social, search, domains
  • Unlimited search terms and languages
  • Unlimited training & tutorial sessions
  • Infringed trademarks, copyrights, designs, patents
  • You or we send approved takedowns (unlimited)
  • Takedown & seller analytics