Track and Remove Counterfeit Products

A brand protection solution to monitor the Internet for fakes, take down counterfeiters and increase sales of genuine goods

Track and Remove Counterfeit Products
  • Monitor offers and sales on the Internet

    Track marketplaces, search engines, social media & domains

  • Collect and submit proof for takedowns

    Prepare rapid IP complaints with text & image evidence

  • Conduct global test purchases

    Purchase, photograph & validate counterfeit products

  • Optimize authentic listings to banish fakes

    Tune your offers to major web algorithms to be found first

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We provide daily monitoring & takedowns on the web's most lucrative platforms

Rapidly act on patent, trademark & copyright infringement as well as unauthorized pricing

World-class cloud software filters out risky, fake & mispriced brand mentions

Get a shared view between your team, our experts and authorities to validate takedowns and automate removal of counterfeits

Artificial intelligence flags infringing text, images for expert review & action

Cutting edge tools enable accurate, systematic takedowns to neutralize the impact of counterfeits

Third party global test purchasing collects hard evidence

We buy, photograph, catalog and share suspect products with you to take action with police, customs and courts

We can buy products on your behalf, anywhere in the world, to determine who may be providing fakes and knockoffs.

Our cloud monitoring software makes it easy to select any suspect listing and request a test purchase from any online source, delivered to more than 30 countries.

When we receive the product, we can photograph packaging and contents, document logistics and arrival data, and forward the products to your team for further analysis and study.

We understand the evidentiary requirements for law enforcement and litigation activities. You can count on us to help you build a case that sticks.

Once we remove a counterfeiter online, we block them from returning

We ensure searches highlight brands and products only from your authorized distributors

Surprisingly, many firms plagued by counterfeit products are simply being beaten by better digital marketing skills or budgets.

Our expert team brings Search Engine Optimization (SEO) competencies, informed by deep intelligence gained by monitoring (and unwinding) the largest web platforms.

When we bring our "white hat" SEO to your brand protection needs, we get counterfeits hidden from most online shoppers.

We help you master the latest aspects of page rank, product rank and domain authority algorithms of the global web to ensure only bona fide products and authorized resellers get seen and get sales.