Guess who has a 50/50 chance of getting your genuine product on Black Friday?

Every online shopper.

Replicatch® brand protection software helps sellers & their legal counsel with responsible online intellectual property enforcement to continuously maximize legitimate sales.

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You created it, but copycats took sales, raised ad costs & upset customers

Stop IP infringers - accurate IP complaints lead to quick online takedowns


Take down copyright infringing piracy

Identify and act on unauthorized offers of print and digital media, digital content, images and image-based goods

Take down copyright infringing piracy
Eradicate trademark infringing counterfeits

Eradicate trademark infringing counterfeits

Watch and respond on conflicting trademarks and confusingly similar matches on packages from multiple angles


Banish patent infringing knockoffs & replica designs

Capture and confirm close patent-product matches and assemble visual evidence to request online takedowns

Banish patent infringing knockoffs & replica designs

Brand protection is a sales optimization battle best fought online, not in courts

Sellers & lawyers protect more, sell more, license more by continuously leveraging intellectual property on the web

  • 450K+ $ Cost per Copyright Litigation

  • 500K+ $ Cost per Trademark Litigation

  • 780K+ $ Cost per Patent Litigation

Typical litigation costs: AIPLA Economic Survey 2017

Replicatch® brand protection software attacks fakes as fast as they appear

Automated IP enforcement portal for easy monitoring of global web platforms

Conveniently controlled web crawling to stay on top of changes

Identify and respond to infringing listings, rogue sellers and minimum advertised price violations

Image matching spots identical, confusingly similar and derivative images to indicate fake offers

Rapid submission & tracking of accurate, enforceable IP infringement allegations

Anonymous global test purchasing to collect photographic & physical evidence

Analytic reporting to track takedown successes, problem sellers and brand ROI

See Replicatch® brand protection software in action

Protect products on global marketplaces, social media, search engines & websites

Replicatch® can crawl and monitor any ASIN, website, portal or platform

...and protect any other website in any other language you can think of!

Sellers & attorneys, benefit with Replicatch®

Daily business results from your intellectual property investments

Daily IP Enforcement

Continuously flag and prioritize IP infringement in images and text online, assemble allegations in takedown notices and efficiently track results

Collect Evidence of Use (EOU)

Automatically capture IP EOU with timestamped, linked website screenshots; order test purchases in any currency to any location, with photo & financial documentation

Quickly Act on Fakes

Identify counterfeits and infringement by a range of issues: unauthorized sellers; listings below minimum advertised price; false promises; fake ASIN or other product identifiers.

Easily Chart Progress

Generate progress reports by seller, brand, marketplace and other metrics to calculate the cost of counterfeits and quantify the ROI from stopping their impact on revenues and ad bids

Replicatch® brand protection software pricing

Cost-effective, continuous online IP enforcement quickly takes down fakes for good


Amazon, eBay or Alibaba marketplaces
$ FREE 30 days
  • 5 text search terms
  • Assert & enforce trademark infringements
  • 100 takedowns
  • 1 expert tutorial session


Up to 3 marketplaces or social media sites
$ 19 per day
  • 30 text search terms
  • Assert & enforce trademark or copyright infringements
  • 1,000 takedowns/mo.
  • 2 expert tutorial sessions


Up to 10 marketplaces, social media, search engines, domains
$ 49 per day
  • 50 text, 5 image terms
  • Assert & enforce trademarks, copyrights, designs, patents
  • 5,000 takedowns/mo.
  • 3 expert tutorial sessions


Unlimited marketplaces, social media, search engines, domains
$ 99 per day
  • 100 text, 10 image terms
  • Assert & enforce trademarks, copyrights, designs, patents
  • Unlimited takedowns
  • 5 expert tutorial sessions