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IP & Innovation Strategy Services

Experience to outmaneuver the competition

Global IP Expansion

Also known as forward patenting or deliberate invention. We capture your point of view, then research the global state of the art to identify white spaces. With insights fully aligned to your strategy, we host patent development workshops to help your team acquire competitive advantage across your whole IP value chain

Patent Portfolio Reviews

From assessing your own patent portfolio to examining acquisition targets for IP synergies, our fact-based insights help you rank, score and prioritize strategic options as you form opinions on valuations and due diligence

Open Innovation & Tech Scouting

Seeking external technologies for in-license or acquisition? Seeking new markets for current products? Our systematic approach sifts global solutions to find options with precisely the properties you favor

IP & Technology Intelligence

IP analytics to spot challengers early

Intellar™ Competitive Monitoring

Trusted insights in the cloud to quickly understand any technology or IP. Global patent, literature & news monitoring for teams reveals relationships among organizations, investments & intellectual property

IP Search & Technology Landscaping

Providing the world's best IP search reports. Evaluating novelty, validity and freedom to operate. Explaining the state of the art with insightful business stories. Collecting evidence of use to prove IP infringement

Custom Patent & Technology Categorization

Struggling to map new knowledge to your portfolio? Maintaining a corporate IP taxonomy? Our smart thesauri automate rule-based tagging of technologies, aligning global innovation with specific business opportunities

IP Brokerage & Patent Monetization

Win-win deal-making for buyers & sellers

IP Valuation Services

What’s the IP worth? It varies for every option. Our expert team defines your options to collect comparables, assess the cost basis, & project market growth. Get smart revenue, royalty and damages estimates you can bank on

Sell Side IP Brokerage

We out-license IP, monetize patents and drive technology transfer for higher returns on shorter timelines. Our well-designed marketing packages compel action from a qualified network of IP dealmakers that know and trust us

Buy Side Technology Acquisition

Our licensing executives specialize in creative solutions. Our proven approach ensures cost-effective negotiations to help you acquire technologies from an extensive university, corporate and institutional network


The Questions We Answer

Essential Insights for Business Success

Where are we in the IP landscape?

Which competitive changes are happening today that could help or hurt our position tomorrow?

What are the white spaces?

Which emerging opportunities or gaps deserve further attention and investment?

Who are the best partners?

How can we identify optimal development, licensing or strategic partners to accelerate our pipeline?

How to identify new technologies?

Which external IP and innovation will provide new, valuable and defensible capabilities?

Is there freedom to operate?

How can we confirm we have the right to practice? Conversely, how can we prove patent infringement?

What is the IP worth?

What is the fair value of IP or intangibles in licensing, sale, disposition or transfer?


IP & Innovation Strategy Case Studies

Expert solutions for complex business situations

Open Innovation Case Study

Technology scouting in food & beverage

Worked with a public Food & Beverage company to analyze their IP landscape for attractive process technologies. Focus was on high pressure pasteurization to maintain food fresh flavor with much longer shelf life. Identified a top-ten list of potential partners, and provided anonymous outreach to qualify willingness to collaborate/license/sell. Client selected two partners for implementation.

Technology Intelligence Case Study

Patent mapping in LTE telecom standards

In conjunction with experts at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, we lead the review of thousands of patents to align them to the global telecom standards for Long Term Evolution (LTE). The effort convincingly identified which "4G" patents likely read on standards of interest to our client, and who the leading players were. This greatly aided 9-figure cross licensing negotiations for a major consumer electronics company.

Patent Monetization Case Study

Pursuing semiconductor litigation

Worked with defendants counsel to identify high quality patents to be used as counterclaims in semiconductor patent infringement litigation. Using patent analytics to compare thousands of external IP portfolios to reverse engineering data, we identified non-competitive players "willing to sell." This resulted in acquiring a patent portfolio for 7-figures (in less than 100 days) which, when counter-asserted, led to settlement of the case and mitigated a potential 9-figure liability.

Case Studies
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