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Surface competitive IP & trending technologies to evaluate new market opportunities

Our software & services help decision-makers get comfortable with business insights they can understand, share & pursue

Where are we in the IP landscape?

See the competitive changes happening today that could help or hurt your position tomorrow

What are the white spaces?

Identify emerging opportunities or gaps that deserve further attention and investment

Who's the best licensing partner?

Pinpoint optimal development, manufacturing and strategic partners to accelerate your pipeline growth

How do we acquire new technologies?

Discover external IP and open innovation that will provide new, valuable and defensible capabilities

Is there IP infringement?

Confirm that you have the freedom to operate or conversely, demonstrate evidence of use for your IP

What is the IP worth?

Quantify the fair market value of IP or intangible assets in licensing, sale, disposition or transfer


Intelligent IP Strategy Software

Automated IP workflows powered by AI & machine learning to fuel better business decisions

Competitive intelligence software

  • Use our Intellar® competitive intelligence dashboards to track IP in real-time
  • Continuously draw insights from premium, free & social electronic resources
  • Understand current trends to explain who is doing what in innovation & IP
  • Get early warning on disruptive technologies to make better business decisions
  • Surface new sales leads, strategic partners & growth opportunities

Brand protection software

  • Replicatch® brand protection software monitors online IP infringement
  • Enforce your IP globally & continuously
  • Monitor trademarks, copyrights, patents & designs
  • Search in any language with text or images
  • Produce evidence of serious IP infringement
  • Generate rapid, successful anti-counterfeit takedowns
  • Order global test purchases
  • Free up significant revenues & reduce ad costs

Trusted IP & Licensing Services

Leverage our decades of corporate, advisory & transactional experience to outmaneuver your competition

Develop strong patent portfolios

  • Understand what industry players are doing in IP
  • Identify innovation areas to stand out globally
  • Spot IP portfolio gaps and fill them for business benefit
  • Create quality patents that can survive validity challenges
  • Design patent filing strategies to speed portfolio & market growth

Evaluate external IP & firms

  • Audit competitor patents & technologies
  • Benchmark industry IP & innovation progress
  • Rank, score and prioritize strategic patents
  • Pinpoint acquisition targets with synergistic IP
  • Conduct IP due diligence

Acquire new capabilities

  • Scout for external technologies
  • Speed open innovation & in-licensing
  • Discover new markets for your products
  • Evaluate global suppliers
  • Acquire IP with just the properties you seek

Buy-Sell IP Brokerage & Patent Monetization

We are committed partners designing effective deals for patent licensors, licensees & stakeholders

Value patents, trademarks, copyrights & trade secrets

  • Determine IP worth for your unique scenarios
  • Price patent portfolios for license or sale
  • Assess IP cost basis & replacement costs
  • Quantify the future market impact of IP & innovations
  • Build valuation assumptions accepted by counterparties, courts & authorities

Sell your IP for maximum returns

  • Monetize patents via out-license, cross-license or sale
  • Drive technology transfer for higher returns on shorter timelines
  • Present IP in well-designed marketing packages to obtain multiple offers
  • Use compelling evidence of use & claim charts to get attention
  • Target a qualified network of IP dealmakers that know and trust us

Cost-effectively acquire or license IP

  • Overtly or covertly source technologies for acquisition
  • Use certified licensing executives that specialize in creative solutions
  • Leverage a proven approach to cost-effective negotiations
  • Procure from an extensive university, corporate and institutional network
  • Build cost-effective IP supremacy to get up to scale and out to market efficiently

IP Services

Tour our IP monetization software solutions

Expert & artificial intelligence capabilities improve your business options


Competitive Intelligence Dashboards

Our Intellar competitive intelligence dashboards provide confidence for decision making in R&D, IP and M&A. This cloud-based landscaping tool maps out who is doing what, where and when. Deliver IP landscapes, market intelligence newsletters, patent analytics, technology intelligence and competitor watch reports daily/weekly/monthly.


Brand Protection Software Blocks IP Infringers

Our Replicatch brand protection software crawls the internet daily to capture and rapidly remove infringements of your intellectual property. Stop counterfeiters, knockoff artists and fake goods purveyors from creating dangerous and damaging competition for your iconic offerings. Streamline cumbersome takedown processes and become a hard target for counterfeiters. Track online marketplaces, search engines, social media and fake domains daily.

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