Trusted IP Licensing Strategies

Leverage our decades of corporate, advisory & transactional experience to outmaneuver your competition


Develop strong patent portfolios

  • Understand what industry players are doing in IP

  • Identify innovation areas to stand out globally

  • Spot IP portfolio gaps and fill them for business benefit

  • Create quality patents that can survive validity challenges

  • Design patent filing strategies to speed portfolio & market growth

Model precise valuations of external IP & firms

  • Audit competitor patents & technologies

  • Benchmark industry IP & innovation progress

  • Rank, score and prioritize strategic patents

  • Pinpoint acquisition targets with synergistic IP

  • Conduct IP due diligence

  • Acquire new capabilities

Proactively scout for external technologies

  • Speed open innovation & in-licensing

  • Intelligently plan partnering activities

  • Discover new markets for your products

  • Evaluate global suppliers

  • Acquire IP with just the properties you seek