Solid-state Batteries Technology & IP Landscape Dashboard

Solid-state Batteries Technology & IP Landscape Dashboard

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Solid-state Batteries landscape overview

Unlike conventional batteries which generally use liquid or polymer electrolytes, solid-state battery consists of both solid electrodes and solid electrolytes. It is gaining attention as it has higher energy density which could enable more compact sizes, higher thermal stability, and is considered to be safer than conventional liquid electrolyte batteries which are flammable.

Representative types of solid-state batteries being researched include Li-ion, lead acid, Li-Metal, NiCd and NiMH batteries, where these could be in different forms such as thin-film, portable, and stationary batteries.

Major players covered in this landscape

Cymbet Corporation, Seeo, Toyota, Solid Power, Ilika, StmicroElectronics and Excellatron Solid State.


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