Microbiome Technology & IP Landscape Dashboard

Microbiome Technology & IP Landscape Dashboard

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Microbiome landscape overview

The microbiome is an aggregate of commensal and symbiotic microorganisms (e.g., bacteria, archaea, protists, fungi or viruses) residing in the multicellular organisms. Human microbiome, mostly in the gastrointestinal tract and skin, have been found to be crucial for regulation of immune system, strengthening gut integrity, production of nutrition (e.g., vitamins), and maintenance of metabolic homeostasis of their host.

A strong driver of the human microbiome market such Probiotics, Prebiotic and Microbiome Modulators as therapeutics tackle healthcare challenges, such as inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, skin disorders and urea cycle disorder.

Major players covered in this landscape

Assembly Biosciences, C3J Therapeutics Inc., Janssen, Metabiomics, Metabogen AB, Microbiome Therapeutics LLC, Nestle Health Science S.A., Rebiotix Inc., and Pfizer.


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