Metal Shaping & Forming Technology & IP Landscape Dashboard

Metal Shaping & Forming Technology & IP Landscape Dashboard

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Metal Shaping & Forming landscape overview

Metal shaping and metal forming are processes in which metals undergo deformation and are altered into desired forms & sizes.

There are three basic types of forming by metal forms: bulk forming, sheet forming and powder metal forming - which utilizes multiple techniques or processes such as compressive forming (rolling, extrusion, die-forming/stamping, and forging), tensile forming (stretching, expanding, and recessing) combined tensile & compressive forming (deep drawing, spinning, and flange forming), bending, and shearing.

Major players covered in this landscape

Dalian Machine Tool Group Corporation, DMG Mori, Amada, Trumpf, Fair Friend Enterprise, Bystronic Laser, Jenoptik, Byjc-Okuma Beijing Machine Tool, Kennametal, Magna International, GF Machining Solutions, and Makino Milling Machine.


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