Drones Technology & IP Landscape Dashboard

Drones Technology & IP Landscape Dashboard

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Drones landscape overview

Drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are quickly growing into a commercial sector, impacting numerous markets and bringing in innovative business models. Depending on the configuration and components of these drones (e.g. multi-rotor, fixed-wing, single-rotor, or fixed-wing hybrid), there are different pros & cons for each type, which could be optimized to be selected for specific uses.

From drone inspection for telecom and construction to unmanned drone delivery and rescue services, more sophisticated safety features, control software, reliability improvement and regulatory frameworks are important considerations for the market to grow.

Major players covered in this landscape

AeroVironment, Amazon, Boeing, SZ DJI, Qualcomm, Parrot Drones, Prodrone, Samsung, Airbus, and BAE Systems.


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