Blockchain Technology & IP Landscape Dashboard

Blockchain Technology & IP Landscape Dashboard

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Blockchain landscape overview

Blockchain was conceptualized and published by Satoshi Nakamoto in October 2008. Later, it developed into a ledger system stored on a decentralized database and functions as a combined digital asset and peer-to-peer transactions system.

Blockchain technology comprises a number of essential components such as distributed ledger, hash, nonce, public key infrastructure (PKI), PKI alternatives, token and proof of work. It offers advantages to industry, including securely and automatically identifies, verifies, stores and shares every transaction, payment, agreement and task. Records are linked in the form of time-stamped blocks. The digital records are protected from tampering, revision or deletion. Because of its transparency, auditability, immutability and interoperability, Blockchain starts to change our digital landscape in services such as smart contract, proof of ownership, digital signature, authentication, notary and verification.

Major players covered in this landscape

IBM, Alibaba, Microsoft, R3, Bank of America, Chain Inc., Deloitte, Circle Internet Financial Limited and BTL Group. Emerging and recently funded companies within the covered landscape include Huobi, Electron, Celer Network, Bitwise Asset Management, Dekrypt Capital, Arkane Network,, Blockdaemon, Path Network and DECENT.


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