Blockchain Technology & IP Landscape Dashboard

Blockchain Technology & IP Landscape Dashboard

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Blockchain landscape overview

Blockchain was conceptualized and published in context of the seminal Bitcoin cryptocurrency by Satoshi Nakamoto in October 2008. Blockchain evolved into a public ledger system stored as a decentralized database that functions as a combined digital asset and peer-to-peer transactions system.

Blockchain technology comprises a number of essential components such as: distributed ledger, hash, nonce, public key infrastructure (PKI), PKI alternatives, token and proof of work. It offers advantages to multiple industries, including securely and automatically identifying, verifying, storing and sharing every transaction, payment, agreement and task.

Blockchain gets its name from records that are linked in the form of time-stamped blocks. The digital records are protected from tampering, revision or deletion. Because of its transparency, auditability, immutability and interoperability, Blockchain implementations will change our digital landscape in services such as smart contracts, anti-counterfeiting, digital signatures, inventory management and stable value currencies..

Major players covered in the Blockchain landscape

IBM, Alibaba, Microsoft, R3, Bank of America, Chain Inc., Deloitte, Circle Internet Financial Limited and BTL Group. Emerging and recently funded companies within the covered landscape include Gemini Trust, Huobi, Electron, Celer Network, Bitwise Asset Management, Dekrypt Capital, Arkane Network,, Blockdaemon, Path Network and DECENT.

The Blockchain landscape today

Blockchain projects are proceeding in nearly every major industry and occur in more than 140 countries. Over the past three years, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of patent families publishing in the United States, Europe, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), China, Japan and Korea is about 23%. The space has more than 13,000 global competitors of every size with nearly 23,000 inventors or authors disclosing or researching blockchain innovations.

Data coverage for this Blockchain landscape

A continuous study of nearly 40,000 global patent families (de-duplicated by simple family; published in the United States, Europe, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), China, Japan and Korea since 2010); and technical literature items and news articles (published in English since 2015).

Records are categorized into a taxonomy of cryptocurrency and functional areas covering: Crypto Coins; Features; Benefits; Services; Technology Elements; Tokens; Types of Blockchains; Commercial Uses


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Blockchain Landscape Summary

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