Biometrics Technology & IP Landscape Dashboard

Biometrics Technology & IP Landscape Dashboard

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Biometrics landscape overview

Biometrics refers to recognition of individuals based on their physical or behavioral characteristics or identifiers. A biometric sensor is a transducer that detects and converts biometric identifiers into an electrical signal.

Examples of these biometric identifiers include automated fingerprint identification systems, voice recognition and authentication, iris and retina recognition, facial recognition, vein recognition, speech pattern analysis, hand geometry analysis, gait analysis, and keystroke dynamics.

Major players covered in this landscape

IBM, NEC Corporation, NuData Security, Samsung, SecuredTouch, Integrated Biometrics, Siemens, 3M Cogent and DigitalPersona. Emerging and recently funded companies within the covered landscape include TypingDNA, Liopa, Ipsidy, Blink Identity, Nix, Digital Fingerprints, Medasense, Metrics Ltd, and Biosite Systems.


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