Agrochemicals (Pesticides & Fertilizers) Technology & IP Landscape Dashboard

Agrochemicals (Pesticides & Fertilizers) Technology & IP Landscape Dashboard

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Agrochemicals (Pesticides & Fertilizers) landscape overview

Agrochemicals such as pesticides (e.g. insecticides, herbicides, fungicides or nematicides) or fertilizers (synthetic fertilizers, hormones or chemical growth agents) are widely used to protect crops from pests and increase crop yields.

These can be applied in various forms such as liquid spray application, volatilization of herbicides, granule or dust application, and seed treatments (or often through bioengineering).

Major players covered in this landscape

Bayer, BASF, DowDuPont, Syngenta, YARA International, Israel Chemicals, Nutrien, FMC Corporation, and The Mosaic Company.


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