Natural dairy flavor valuation & IP licensing

Client: Public food & beverage leader

We collaborated with a top food & beverage firm to identify external commercialization partners for natural dairy flavorings created without milk. These innovative flavors imparted creamy mouthfeel with savory and sweet tastes, minus the burden of processing milk in refrigerated storage environments.

The technology was protected by international patents and corporate know-how. We performed a detailed IP valuation to build licensing and onboarding business cases. Our ultimate goal was to help the client obtain exclusive field of use licenses, in industries/products outside basic dairy (e.g., confections, yogurt and plant milks) in US, Europe, South America and Asia.

Our expert IP valuation was accomplished with an income approach analysis corroborated with comparable transactions research. We simulated multiple scenarios by varying cost of capital, growth rate and IP risk assumptions over the remaining useful economic lives of the technology assets.

Some of the valuation information remained internal and some was transparent to licensees. The client was able to add commercialization partners to its global network while capturing meaningful double-digit royalties, and the licenses remain in force today.