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Product development IP strategy for dispenser informatics innovation

CLIENT: Private consumer products company

Perception Partners was engaged by senior R&D leadership at a manufacturer of household cleaning products. The company was planning to enter the connected home space with a smart soap dispenser, and was seeking to understand where they could gain freedom to operate in the competitive IP landscape.

IP landscaping reveals what does and doesn't work. We worked with the client team to prioritize key smart dispenser features for study. Using our Intellar® competitive intelligence dashboards, we built an IP landscape of patents, applications, technical literature and news from the US, Europe and Asia to generate our analysis. Relevant IP was categorized by features and benefits to depict competitive trends over time.

Show, don't tell the IP strategy story. In collaboration with the client we identified IP risks & opportunities in protecting key informatic measures including refill prediction; device cleanliness and alerting. We also identified potential white space areas for new IP in e.g., image capture. The resulting dashboards were summarized in an executive summary presentation that was easy to share with senior management.

Patent the product and the refill. The client R&D leadership applied the IP landscape insights to adjust and build out their patent portfolio across new products and consumables. This lead to a Phase 1 release of new “smart refills” for automated soap dispensers. IP portfolio development continues, based on continuous updates of the categorized IP landscape.