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BIO partnering IP strategy for technology scouting & business development

CLIENT: Large pharmaceutical firm

Perception Partners partnered with the business development team of a global pharmaceutical firm to optimize executive time spent in onsite partnering meetings at the BIO International Annual Conference.

Know who to talk to, and why. With more than 6,000 attendees and nearly 45,000 onsite partnering meetings, there is never enough time at BIO to connect with everyone. Pharmaceutical licensing executives must carefully plan the 3 days of the event to maximize results and avoid overlooking potential blockbusters from emergent firms.

Screen prospects rapidly & proactively. Mindful of the client’s focus on “Microbiome+” we collected the names, web content and IP estates of all attending firms across relevant patents, technical literature and news. We applied several IP analytic techniques to pre-qualify partnering opportunities and plan the 3-day meeting schedules. Beyond direct microbiome players with attractive IP and scientific merit, we also identified prospective partners in gene therapy, immune modulation and regenerative medicine.

Connect & close the highest value prospects. We helped set 58 face-to-face discussions onsite, optimizing the entire BIO business development calendar for the client. Negotiations resulted from more than five of those onsite meetings.